Home Renovation Services

Home Renovation is more than a job - it is a process. Given the impact that renovation projects can have on the lives and property of those who undertake them, working with quality people who are committed to outstanding performance and service is the best predictor of a successful project.

Established in 1990, Innovative Interiors specializes in total home renovations and restorations. Over the years, Innovative Interiors has built an outstanding reputation in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area for their fast, thorough, efficient service and ability to maintain a high standard of excellence for their client's renovation needs.

Innovative Interiors ensures that all sub-trades required for renovation projects share their vision of excellence and client satisfaction. One phone call is all it takes to be on your way to a beautifully restored home.

Innovative Interiors business is founded on customer satisfaction, from the first meeting through completion of the renovation and beyond. Our commitment is to work with you to achieve your goals within realistic timeframes while considering alternative approaches to limit costs and, most importantly, to minimize disruptions to family living that construction can bring.